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about a procedure tested here in the united states. >> something we could all use, a million dollars. next hour the editor of kiplingers, personal finance what you can do now to start saving to be a millionaire. that and more coming up at 8:00 a.m. stay with us  [ male announcer ] hot outta the oven, it's the pizza sub! featured $5 footlong™ of may! melty cheese, kickin' pepperoni and our signature marinara sauce on freshly baked bread. this may only, it joins our many $5 footlongs™! subway. eat fresh. >>> new plot to blow up a u.s. bound plane and it involved an upgraded version of the so called underwear bomb. how the cia was able to stop the attack before it happened whichever. >> this is one of two montgomery county school employees in police custody this morning both accused of sex offences involving students a live report coming up. >>> then later this hour, called the silent killer high blood pressure can lead to major health problems but there is something new that might help. an expert from the fox medical team is on the story and will join us live. i
. >> reporter: there is no debate here that osama bin laden's death was a clear victory for the united states but the anniversary is touching off an election year battle here. one year later there isn't much to see at osama bin laden's one time compound in pakistan people still take pictures at the place where the terrorist leader and arch enemy of the united states met his demise. john brennan says it was part of a turning point. >> if a decade before 9/11 was the time of al qaeda's rise and the decade after was the time of its decline, then i believe this decade will be the one that sees its demise. >> reporter: president obama meantime raised some eyebrows at the white house yesterday when he used osama bin laden's death to take a not so vailed swipe at mitt romney during an official visit by the prime minister of japan >> i said i would go after osama bin laden if we had a clear shot at him and i did, if there are others who have said one thing and now suggest they would do something else, then, i would go ahead and let them explain it. >> reporter: an obama campaign ad once said, romney
for example in the united states europe and middle east have been increased especially on u.s. bound aircraft. the department of homeland security saying agents continue to monitor intelligence reporting and respond appropriately, there were some reports earlier this week they are concerned about bombs that would be inserted inside the bodies of militants but again that is just what they are hearing they are working on no specific and credible threat about that. dc commuters will see increased security on metro we are told transit police anti terror teams will be on what is agency said is a heightened state of individual lens more transit police officers around they will see that greater presence on the cars and also at the metro stations perhaps on metro buses as well metro reiterating it does not have a specific threat as well but the agency well knows, public transit has been and could be a target that is why they are taking extra precautions and reminding riders, to report any suspicious activity or unattended packages and tony and allison, another place we observed what looks like a litt
china and the united states. word this morning that china is budging. fox5 morning news at 7:00 starts right now. >>> there is a live look outside. you can already tell it's going to be a summery day. the sun is up. it's warm. i believe the humidity is up there as well. this is friday, may 4th, 2012. good morning, i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm alison seymour. already 66 degrees on this nice warm friday morning. and it's friday. almost 90 degrees, tucker barnes, did i hear you say that earlier? good morning. >> good morning. yeah. it's going to be close. well into the 80s today and a lot of humidity. summertime air mass here to stay for at least one more day. let's look at our current temperature at reagan national, 66 degrees. humidity, 87%. plenty of water out there in the atmosphere. winds, none out of the north now at zero miles per hour. earlier they were out of the south. few showers and thunderstorms overnight. now we're focused on a cold front which is to our north and west. towards chicago and st. louis, that will roll in here later this afternoon and tonight and with that chang
, today, but still security teams not only in washington dc but other cities throughout the united states are saying they are not going to let their guard down airports in the united states for example, as well as europe and middle east will be under increased surveillance, especially on flights bound for the u.s., and while there is no specific threat they would like to use those specific words, intelligence officials say there is always a concern terrorists will use a big event like this to strike in new york and washington, transportation ports will be the focus of heightened vinal lens, transit police and their own -- individual lens, vigilance, transit police and their own security will be out in force. a renewed scrutiny or focus on tour buses, we saw several around dc yesterday, being stopped and inspected no specific word from department of homeland security or tsa about, exactly what is going on there, they are being cagey with what they are doing where they are doing it and when as you can understand one other thing though, with metro, metro is also saying, they don't have any
for united states but conservation. >> we have to go to break thank you very much beautiful animal we will be back >> here she goes. to end all things. >> okay. >> a little gift to the united states  >> this show has gone to the animals. >> gone to the birds.
, but it is over shadowed by the blind activist who says he wants asylum in the united states. speaking today, secretary clinton did not mention his name and only spoke generally about human rights. >> because we believe that all governments do have to answer, to citizens aspirations, for dignity and rule of law, and that no nation, can or should, deny those rights. >> china is demanding an apology from the united states for interfering in the case, u.s. embassy officials say they are trying to talk to him about his change of heart. >>> michelle bachmann is endorsing mitt romney, the minnesota congress woman is reportedly to make the endorsement later today, at an event with romney in ports mouth, newt gingrich was also supposed to endorse romney when he formerly announced he is stepping aside he did that announcement in arlington yesterday he did promise to help romney win in november but only gave tapped support to the -- tepid support to the nominee. >>> maryland lawmakers will meet in special session to avoid what is being call add doomsday budget, governor o'malley and the house and sena
. >> reporter: china meantime already wants an apology from the united states for in their mind interfering in the case. what appeared to be a resolution has become yet another diplomatic twist and a real test for the president who wants to engage china, but has promised to press the chinese government on human rights. >> now chen said he felt pressured by the united states to leave the u.s. embassy and return to chinese custody,. >> thanks very much doug luzader reporting. >>> turning to politics, michelle bachmann is going to officially throw her support to the presumptive front runner, mitt romney, bachmann's endorsement will come when the two hold a campaign event later today in ports mouth virginia it could help romney with conservatives who largely shunned him during the primary. >>> 7:09 a.m. on thursday morning coming up a glimpse into the world of osama bin laden revealed for the first time today. >> death of a football legend leaves family, friends and nation in shock. the latest on junior seau after the break. >>> another close one, things didn't turn out in favour of the home te
rooted in the 14th amendment of the united states constitution and equal protection of all people. >>> in our other big story the nato summit in chicago. more protests expected today when nato allies resume their two day summit. tensions inside are growing and as doug luzader reports talks are turning to afghanistan. >> reporter: world leaders are trying to forge a path forward in afghanistan but this is already testing nato's ties. with protests raging outside in the streets of chicago there is internal device inside the nato conference. division inside the nato conference. will the nato led mission in afghanistan come apart at the seems. president obama was up beat. >> we continue to provide support for the afghan national security forces, that have made excellent progress over the last several years. and also painting a vision post 2014 in which we have ended our combat role. >> reporter: that has been clouded in recent weeks especially after the election of socialist french president hollande he now intends to with draw french forces from afghanistan this year, much earlier th
to spend at least three years working in business before he can become president of the united states. >> the results so far from texas last night mitt romney won with 69% of the vote. allison. >>> sarah, thank you. now the white house is speaking out saying the president misspoke when he used the term polish death camp during yesterday's medal of freedom ceremony. people in poland were outraged by the comment president obama used honouring a polish war hero, who fought against the nazis in world war ii. the polish says the offensive because hitler saw them as an inferior race and had no role in running the camp. despite the slip up, they still honored 13 people in the medals of freedom. ♪ [ music ] >>> dc region continues its goodbye to the god father of go go. >> thousands braved the heat, then the storms to pay respects to chuck brown at yesterday's public hearing at the howard theatre. brown's casket arrived early in the morning and family and friends filed past for 11 hours. outside the theatre the sound chuck brown created had some dancing in the street officials tried to end
by the biggest bank in the united states. j.p. morgan chase says it was a mistake. in a phone interview, the bank's ceo says the mishap was the result of a series of bad decisions. he said in hindsight, the strategy was flawed, complexed, and poor expected. stock plunge almost 7% in after hours trading last night and shares in british banks are down 3% this morning. >>> 7:25 on this friday morning. coming up, a special thank you to some of our local moms out there from their loved ones. plus-- >> that just looks ridiculous. >> what about it? it's a woman breast feeding her child. >> this "time" magazine cover creating a lot of reaction. next, what it's all about. >> it's very pretty out. chilly, the latest look at traffic from tucker and lauren in a couple of moments. we'll be back at 7:26. >>> as we head into the weekend, we want to wish happy mother's day to all the moms out there and all the mom figures out there. >> mom figures? >> yeah, because a lot of grandparents take care of their kids. >> got you. >> uncles, even, dads. >> you can't open it up to everybody. >> mom. >> uncles? we asked y
more work to do. but in terms of what is actually proper for the president of the united states, i think he is there. >> okay. zach thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> we appreciate you giving us insight into your story good luck on the hill. >> thanks i will need it. >>> a huge prize for a college senior. former astronaut explains the space x mission. >>> time to check with holly. >>> hey, good morning we are still in gaithersburg where they are getting ready for the third annual book festival. young adults if you are interested in reading we have something for you. we will introduce you to an author who wrote about a subject that might be near and dear to young girls hearts. >> if your child wants to be a writer we have a workshop under way. they are coming up with characterses as we speak. we will talk about that and more all live later. >>> first, here is today's trivia question for you, what member of the cat family does not have fully retractable claws the lion, the jaguar, the cheetah, or the bobcat. the answer is coming up later but if you want to guess now he
. here in the united states the snack food market is flat plus we like our food like we like it don't want any other stuff some products new ones include oreo stuffed with mango and orange and green tea flavour for summer time. or cereal served in hot coffee instead of cold milk while we are familiar with crab flavouring on the east coast, russians prefer their potato chips dusted in caviar. i wouldn't mind that because of my fancy pallet. >> i have seen here, in america, in an effort to grow the brands like oreos, they are like nine different kinds now. >> yeah. >> inside out >> i do like the golden ones. >> yeah. >> what is an inside out. >> filling on the outside. >> no, what is it tony. >> i think it is the golden cookie, with chocolate icing on the inside. >> no, it is not tony. >> that is not an inside out. >> that might fly in your home you tell con norsomething. >> but they have all different kinds. >> they do. >> who can forget double stuff. >> the best. >> all right this you go. but when you travel overseas maybe you can get mango oreos. >> i think that sundays great. >>
will be in las vegas he is back over in the united states. their camp is upset about it. this is a main card, a main attraction on hbo next saturday night. it goes months into planning. for this to come up a week and a half before the fight is a problem. let's be honest this is severe the punishments lamont could face are severe his belts could be stripped, he could be suspended from the sport. so these are serious serious allegations, and there could be real repercussions that could hurt him long term. again, talking to his camp this morning they are -- they are devastated because this is something that clears your name and some -- smears your name and something that is very hard to get back. they are trying to clear it. again what was told to me minutes ago this is not what you thing it is and they are going to do everything they can to restore this guy's name. lamont said nothing in my life has been easy why would this be any different. lamont said he didn't do anything wrong he was -- he did what was told by a doctor to do. and they are hoping nevada athletic commission sees it that way
western countries are skeptical, about this deal. >>> united states ambassador to afghanistan is leaving this summer. the u.s. embassy in kabul confirms the ambassador, ryan crocker is departing as the u.s. negotiates a withdrawal from the long and costly war. he came out of retirement last year to become ambassador and led to diplomatic efforts to reduce the presence in afghanistan. >> unmanned rocket designed and built by a private company blasted off this morning on a historic mission. >>> going to deliver a supply capsule to the international space station the first privately owned company to do so. will thomas is back this morning with a closer look at the mission and what it all means. >> a lot of significance about the mission, you are going to want to hear about some unique cargo onboard for sure but first let's talk about the business behind it. as you heard, it is the first private company, to launch a spacecraft, to the international space station. this also marks the beginning of commercial space travel. let's show you the lift off and predawn hours this morning from cape can
to make a film. it was a low budget movie. one of the biggest rock bands everywhere, except the united states. it was great. >> you had fun? >> a lot of fun. the people in fugi are amazing. they have no, really no chance of making money, except in the resorts. i was driving to go to another resort. you drive along and pass homes that were like shacks. i said, now, are these people poor? he said, no. i go, they're not? he goes, no, that's not how we look at it. if you have a place to live, food and clothes, you're okay. everyone shares and helps each other out. they have nothing. >> a different perspective. >> he said their values are, in this order, what did he say? gosh, i'm blanking. anyone, money was like fourth. like family, religion, rugby -- >> rugby? >> yeah, i go rugby third? rugby third. family, religion, rugby, friends, and then money. >> very interesting lineup there. >> yeah. >> you've been in the news this week. you made some comments about president obama. >> yeah. >> you essentially, you said he's creating a false class welfare. you're getting a lot of attention for tha
it is currently, for the united states for globally we would look at probably a generic form that would be cheaper for developing countries and so on. and that seems very expensive but really again you are targeting a smaller group, 50 to 60,000 people in the u.s. every year infected with hiv that number is not going down. that number for a decade or more has remained stable. so we need to target those people. those people are tremendously at risk they are clearly not using the other tools in the tool box so this is in addition, we could help those people bring that number down in the u.s., if we did that, then you save the cost of hiv treatment over the long haul for those people. that would be a tremendous savings. there is potential for cost savings or cost neutrality. >> we will wait and look forward to see what happens with truvada thanks for coming in to talk about it. director of medical adherence at whitman walker health. >>> thank you. coming up a big week ahead for facebook. how you can cash in. >>> problems at jp morgan lead to resignation of several top executives, the latest on the co
. the united states is one of six countries trying to get iran to explain its nuclear activities. iran insists it is strictly for research and energy but the u.s. and allies are concerned iran's nuclear program could be used to build nuclear weapons. >>> regulators are investigating the investment bank that helped facebook through its public stock offering. there are reports morgan stanley selectively informed clients one of its analysts had to cut his revenue estimates for facebook before the stock started trading last friday. shares for facebook are down more than 18%, morgan stanley maintains it complied with regulations. >>> dc police and fire department unions are demanding an investigation into the discovery of burned documents, found at the fire department training academy. dc firefighters were called to the academy friday to put out a fire. they were personnel cox pes for firefighters and police -- documents for firefighterpolice in the district, training, medical records, social security numbers, more records were found in a nearby abandoned car. >>> a fight for dc home rule will hit
the conversations, mrs. clinton says chen had with the united states ambassadors and others today, chen said his situation is still very dangerous. >>> the master mind of 9/11 goes before a judge tomorrow more than a decade after the attacks. khalid shaikh mohammed and four others are getting arraigned at the u.s. guantanamo bay naval base in cuba. they'll hear their formal charges and find out when the trial will begin. the five face counts of conspiracy, terrorism, and nearly 3,000 charges of murder. one for each person killed on september 11, 2001. >>> some of our other top stories this morning, tragedy strikes inside a church in howard county. police say they found two women shot yesterday evening at the st. paul's episcopal church in ellicott city. one of the victims died from her wounds. the other remains in critical condition. officers believe the suspected gunman later shot and killed himself. they are still trying to figure out the relationship between the three people involved. >>> a virginia newborn is in the hospital after he was attacked by the family dog. culpepper county sheriff's
mission in this -- in the united states than to see it right here and so we look forward to being able to thank the community for their support and then for the community to come on this base, see what their base, their airmen are about and for them to see what the nation's treasure goes to do to defending the nation. >> reporter: we are appreciative of your service and their service as well. thank you for talking with us toot. we appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> reporter: good luck this weekend. we will be right back. you're watching fox 5 morning news. stay with us.  [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable and enjoying it less and less? stop paying for second best. upgrade to verizon fios tv, internet and phone for just $89.99 a month guaranteed for two years with a two-year agreement. act now and we'll add a special bonus: $250 back. but hurry, this offer ends june 2nd. unlike cable, fios is a 100% fiber-optic network that delivers america's fastest, most consistent, most reliable internet plus the best tv picture quality. why keep paying so much
problems her husband filed for divorce in 2010. >>> first time in united states there are more minority children being born than white children. they now make up more than half up from 37% in 1990. these new 2011 census estimates show the next generation will grow up in a much more diverse population. >>> 7:46 a.m., tucker barnes with us now. >> just a beautiful day. 65 washington we will be in for a nice -- it is not just today it is tomorrow, right into the weekend. >> excellent. >> rolling out the perfect weather. >> love it. >> there is your live shot. i will do the traffic report as well things are running smoothly >> july will do that. don't upset her. >> you can see the sky looks great. lots of blue sky out there, the blue will be a deeper blue, less water in the atmosphere. >> i love that. >> we all do. >> lower humidity. >> yeah. >> 65 washington. 61 baltimore. 50s to the north and west, frederick, 55. watch the clouds, the cold front, they are out of here, at 2:00 p.m. today, most of the area looking at bright sunshine later tonight, nice and clear right into the daytime hours
of information law. applies to united states government and different states. different states have different levels of that law. florida law is fairly liberal, in a sense that it enables whether it be media or anybody else to make an application under the state's freedom of information law and gain access to information. so as a result, where for example the federal system there is no way this kind of information would have become public in florida it has. and as a result, we are seeing more and more information, really that is directly relevant to the trial. if you go back to the beginning when pretty much people were making guesses, based on the initial reactions, and this is true any time you have a high profile case, what you really have is now more information, that is coming into the public domain. that is being analyzed and in essence what you are seeing as a result is this case being tried, in the public, long before it ever actually gets to trial. and we have a jew durable system -- judicial system that is proud of the opportunity for defendants and the government to get a fair tria
of the united states. let me tell you something, i love it. you have my vote. she was asking her family to submit her photo for our my first 5 segment, but she's six, so your highness, we would have bent the rules for you, but hopefully this will work for you. we think you are so cute. for a chance to be tomorrow's fan of the day, head to our facebook page and post a comment under sebrena's photo. stay with us.  ♪ [ hawaiian music ] >> so soothing. >> isn't it, though? >> what were you doing? >> i think i was breakdancing. holly is finding out more about the festival. how could it not be great when we're celebrating hawaii culture? >> reporter: i know. there's that music i was looking for. i'm just back from a walk on the beach. hawaii is wonderful this time of year. okay, there was something in my coffee. independence avenue is not quite the beach. when you come inside the museum you will be immersed in all the sights and sounds of hawaii, as they gear up for a huge festival. mandy foster joins me. aloha to you. >> aloha. >> reporter: it does feel a little bit like hawai
moved, about losing their job, health insurance, part of their pension. >>> the race for united states senate in 1994, between ted kennedy and mitt romney. >> that's right >> was very very close. that was the low point of ted kennedy's senate race. he came back he won that race by 17 points when folks learned about what bane capital was all about. bane capital is about putting money in their pockets, and making money. fine. but it is not about creating jobs. that is very clear. the ad that we are talking about here, is very specific, about a kansas city steel company. 750 jobs lost, shut down folks losing pensions and $12 million going in the pockets of the bane capital executives. now, that ad, is not the -- >> but the point is he wasn't even in charge at bane capital at the time. >> it was during the 1990s he was part of bane. >> the washington post -- >> look he set this stuff in motion. he was there during the 90s. he is going to take responsibility for this as he has to take responsibility for the state of massachusetts which went from 34th in job growth to 47th under his leadersh
release of terror suspects held in the united states allison. >>> melanie thank you. >>> just yesterday the u.s. did launch an air strike in yemen killing a top al qaeda leader, he was on the fbis most wanted list in connection with the bombing of the uss cole in 2000. the drone that killed him was operated by the cia and authorized by the government of yemen. >>> we have a check now of this mornings other top stories fairfax county police need your help tracking down a hit and run driver who killed a woman in a case being blamed on road rage. they are asking anyone with information to contact them. 21-year-old shalindaering on the was found dead friday officers believe she got out of her car and was run over police are looking for a black suv with temporary tags. >>> police in prince georges county, are trying to track down the driver involved in a deadly hit and run saturday night in lieu was dale this happened 9:00 p.m. on university boulevard the victim's 28-year-old samuel diaz of hyattsville, police are on the lookout for a silver suv with damage to the front of the vehicle. >>> s
as well, share with us about that too. >> absolutely. we have musical performances throughout, united states airforce band, dozens of marching bands, chris alan from american idol, g love famed recording artist, angie johnson an airforce veteran, before being on this season's the voice. but it will be dignified and fit being the day. >>> we appreciate it. thanks for talking with us this morning stay cool and dry out there if you can. >> lots of water thank you. >> exactly. >>> just a reminder we have the memorial day parade live on air 2:00 p.m. live from constitution avenue watch it here right on fox 5. >>> 7:20 a.m., 71 degrees, at 7:20 a.m. >>> one week since several catholic institutions filed suit taking aim at the president's health care overhaul. this morning the archbishop of washington is defending those lawsuits plus. >> if only they would stand to the right. >> on the metro. >> on the metro. >> he is talking about tourists and saying they can be annoying to people who have to navigate dc on a regular basis but those tourists are spending some major cash here. you are going
of a prechemistry unite they just finished they learn about states of matter, solutions, mixtures how heat and temperature effect chemical reactions so it is a perfect blend of the chemistry that they have learned with the actual practical -- >> emphasis on the community involvement. >> exactly the giving back. >> okay. so you did it already. my gosh i forgot they have been doing it for two centuries she is done. give us a quick tip on the braiding. >> when you make a bread you take three ropebread them as you would your hair then tuck the ends under it looks beautiful. >> what is the best way for other schools watching this in greater washington area to take part. >> yeah, the easiest thing go to our website, king arthur and click on education and look for the life skills bread baking information our program is free. >> absolutely that is our favorite word. >> thank you. our website. we have a link to king arthur, montgomery public schooljohns hopkins university, montgomery county campus. are you guys available to come to my house and do a loaf oaf bread? >> sure. >>
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